Why it's OK to ghost and be ghosted.

Why it's OK to ghost and be ghosted.

Our response to Annika Olson's opinion piece "We All Know It Sucks. So Why Do We Keep Ghosting Each Other?" published online yesterday at USA TODAY.

Whenever I ghost someone, it's because I don't want to talk to them now/anymore. Whenever someone ghosts me, I assume it's because they don't want to talk to me, and that's OK! If someone doesn't want to talk to me or no longer wants anything to do with me, they don't owe me an explanation, a goodbye, or an apology. We can learn to let people go lovingly. Let them peace out quietly. Don't take it personally. Your ego will want to know why it's happening, but you can show that bitch who's boss by acknowledging the following and then letting go - you wish you knew why you were being ghosted, but it's ok if you don't, and you'll be fine moving on without that info.

If you're hurting yourself by holding onto others too tightly when they're trying to get away from you, please read "Letting Go" by David Hawkins, "Whole Again" by Jackson Mackenzie, "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle, or "I'm Glad My Mom Died" by Jeanette McCurdy. 

Ghost and be ghosted. Live and learn. Love and let go.

- jaane

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