Surfing Ruined My Life is NOT a cult

Surfing Ruined My Life is NOT a cult

"In waves we find our hidden kin amidst the ocean's watery din. With tails of fish and hearts of the sea, what mythical creatures could we possibly be?"

The riddle alludes to Surfing Ruined My Life's dual nature - one foot in the world and another in the realm of spirituality. Surfing Ruined My Life straddles the line between the society they inhabit and the sexual playground they adore.

Strict hierarchies, manipulative control, and a focus on a charismatic leader often characterize cults. In contrast, Surfing Ruined My Life centers around passions that bind its members together. There's no central authority figure dictating the group's actions or beliefs. Instead, life's waves serve as the guiding force, teaching humility, patience, and respect for the immense power of nature.

We repeat: Surfing Ruined My Life is NOT a cult.

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