Surfing Ruined My Life

Surfing Ruined My Life

in song -

Verse 1:
Once upon a shoreline, in a world of endless tides,
I set out to conquer waves, my heart full of pride.
Surfing was my passion, my ultimate devotion,
Little did I know, it would lead to my life's commotion.

Surfing Ruined My Life, or so it seemed,
Lost in the swells, chasing an elusive dream.
But then came a twist, a spark in the night,
MDMA's embrace, leading me to the light.

Verse 2:
I rode those waves with fervor, the thrill like no other,
Sun-kissed days turned to endless nights, all for that rush I'd smother.
Friendships waned, family sighed, I was drifting away,
Surfing's grip tightened, and I had nothing left to say.

Surfing Ruined My Life, or so I thought,
Caught in the undertow, battles fiercely fought.
But in the midst of despair, a lifeline took hold,
MDMA's warm glow, a story of how I was bold.

Lost in the sea of heartbreak, I was adrift,
Searching for an anchor, a way to uplift.
Then MDMA whispered, "Come, dance with me,
Embrace the ecstasy, set your spirit free."

Verse 3:
With trepidation, I ventured into the unknown,
MDMA's promises, a chance to mend what had been overthrown.
Underneath the stars, as music filled the air,
I let go of my burdens, surrendered to the affair.

MDMA saved my life, a magical embrace,
Opening doors to healing, in its tender grace.
A journey of redemption, from the depths I'd dive,
Surfing's ruin transformed, through MDMA's revive.

Verse 4:
From the wreckage of my past, I emerged anew,
MDMA's shimmering wings, painting the skies with a hue.
Rediscovered connections, with loved ones I'd lost,
In the rhythm of the moment, our bridges were crossed.

MDMA lit my path, a guide through the haze,
A symphony of emotions, a newfound gaze.
Surfing's lessons learned, as tides continue to churn,
In MDMA's warmth, I found the courage to return.

So here I stand, a story in rhyme,
Of how surfing's grip weakened, in MDMA's time.
Two chapters entwined, a dance of despair and delight,
As I navigate life's currents, embracing both day and night.

- jaane
Surfing Ruined My Life
Braless, CA USA

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