Braless Book Club review: Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Braless Book Club review: Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Untamed is akin to stumbling upon a glittering meadow of existential revelations while wearing sequined stilettos. Glennon Doyle, the lyrical prophetess, beckons us to embrace our untamed essence with the fervor of a disco ball spinning in the desert.

Her words invite us into a world where vulnerability reigns supreme and societal expectations become as flimsy as a deflated dildo. Doyle exposes the raw realities of womanhood, creating a symphony of liberation and self-discovery that would make even the most stoic hipster don a pair of roller skates and twirl to the rhythm of her composition.

Like a cosmic peacock in a celestial garden, Doyle's storytelling is delightful and insightful. Her anecdotes caress our souls and remind us that true authenticity lies in embracing our inner weirdness. Her words evoke laughter and introspection in equal measure.

Untamed is a literary balm, a kaleidoscope of candor that invites us to shed the shackles of societal conformity and embrace the wild, eccentric creatures we truly are. It's like sipping a cocktail of truth serum mixed with rainbow-colored unicorn tears. So, grab a copy, my darlings, and let Glennon Doyle be your fearless guide through the untamed jungle of your soul.

Daisy Davenport

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